Birth of a Brewery Part 1

As promised, below is my first attempt at creating a video using our little Mino Flip. As you can instantly see, I’m no Spielberg, Eastwood, Kubrick or Hitchcock. In fact, I reckon I make Ed Wood and Joel Shumacher (you know, the guy that maimed Batman by making Batman Forever and Batman and Robin) look like Hall of Famers. Hell, even Uwe Boll with his abismal Alone in the Dark and BloodRayne movies is a veritable Orson Welles next to me.

Anyway, here is a taste of what we’re getting ourselves in for. Although my script and delivery are probably a bit droll, I can promise you we’re ridiculously excited about the coming months. It’s going to be a massive learning curve, but being involved in the startup of a new brewery from concept through to finished product has always been a dream of mine and now it’s happening! How cool is that!!!

2 thoughts on “Birth of a Brewery Part 1

  1. Build it and they will drink! Very impressive and already looking forward to part 2.
    As someone who is building a small and shall we say rather lower budget brewery, I am sitting here salivating at your spacious layout and shimmering new stainless steel and the endless possibilities of concoctions you will be coming up with!

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