The Beer Bloggers Poem Part One

I think that it’s time, though you may not agree,

Bloggers now blogged with some more poetry.

On many a day and on many a whim,

I find myself reading, the backlighting dim.

The computer screen glowing, whispered tales of yore,

Mostly about brewing, beer, pubs, food and more.

I usually begin with a nod to the man

Who Scoops so Reluctant,who scoops when he can

I follow along with the lads from up high

Who make Penguins nuclear,who make Penguins fly.

Then to the King with his beer-writing Crown,

I chuckle, I’m shocked and impressed by Pete Brown.

For depth and for vision. For passion and edge,

Mouse arrows head southward and click on Mark Dredge.

His Pencil and Spoon are forever enthralling,

Here is a guy who has answered his calling.

And who can forget Dave of the Woolpack,

He cooks and he brews and he’s on the write track.

Jeff Pickthall tells well of pubs, CAMRA and ale,

A great one to read, honest tales without fail.

Stonch is the same from a landlord’s perspective,

We all know this word kind of rhymes with reflective.

If it’s tales of the ale from the lost days of yore

That you wish to know greatly, minutiae pore,

There are two young fellows you cannot pass by,

Martyn Cornell,  the Zythophile puts PA in I

Impressive collections,brewing records bygone,

Tip my hat, bow deeply, Barclay Perkins’ Ron.

European contingent for fermented Wort,

How can we forget he who is Knut Albert.

You’re probably starting to get really bored,

Switch off your computer, put on a record.

For I will continue to write couplets for ages,

And annoy all senseless as you scroll down the pages.

I think I’ll continue with more bloggers soon.

But my favourite of this year

Well, it’s Pencil and Spoon

5 thoughts on “The Beer Bloggers Poem Part One

  1. I’ve heard you guys brew some great beers. I’m glad you’ve fully engaged in the arts. In saying that, that piece of prose is the lamest, *&^%$ thing I’ve read blogger wise in a long time. So lame, it could put one off from drinking beer entirely. So, you’ll be getting a track. Possibly several. Hard to live that down.

    • Happy you enjoyed it. Pretty sure though that prose and poorly rhyming poetry are slightly different things. I would prefer it in any future correspondence if you would refer to my piece is McGonagall-esque Poetry.

      Am quite unsure what a track is… looking forward to getting several though. Maybe I can listen to them.

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