The Handover Post

As some of you now know, I’m leaving Thornbridge in search of the greener hops of my New Zealand homeland. There’ll be a few little changes at Thornbridge and this will include our social media side. I’ve managed to convince the rest of the brewing team to join in on the fun and frivolity that Twitter, Facebook and blogging can provide, so you’ll be hopefully be hearing regularly from them.

I'll now just get angry with hops in New Zealand

Just in case you aren’t aware… our Facebook page is called The Thornbridge Brewers, so you can join up with this and see what’s happening on a day-to-day basis with regards to what’s brewing and what the brewing team are up to.

As for tweets, @thornbridgekel will eventually change to something else… what yet, I don’t even know, and the new Twitter name for everyone will be a collective @thornbridge. The whole team will be involved in using this and tweeting anything interesting that is happening as well as informing you guys on the random happenings at the brewery and beyond. I’m sure you’ll get a few insights into what everyone is drinking at random times as well!

Finally, of course, there’s this new blog. All of the brew team will hopefully have a go at posting something about their jobs or their days or their interesting insight into the world of beer and brewing. They know a lot, I just need to get them all writing it down!

If you follow my blog then don’t worry as it’ll still be going strong. But if you’re keen to check out what the Thornbridge brew crew are doing, then will be the go to place!

Cheers and beers,

Kelly Ryan, Brewery Manager, Thornbridge 2006-2010

8 thoughts on “The Handover Post

  1. Your beers are one of the things I miss most about the UK – I hope I’ll have a chance to try them closer to my (adopted) home in Aucpkland in future.

    Are you coming back to NZ to brew?

  2. Good luck Kelly, We’ll all miss you and Kat, especially the nice cosy nights down at the Coach lots of good beer and great company.

    New Zealand’s in for a treat,

    Rock on

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