The Birth of a Brewery Part Three

Everything is still all go at the new Thornbridge site in Bakewell, with the Italian engineers working hard to get all of the pipework and electrics installed in time for us to begin commissioning. We’re hoping the beginning of August will see our first trial brews in the new brewhouse but as for bottling, the centrifuge and bottling line are yet to arrive and be installed.

Yesterday, we had a visit from the world’s leading beer writer, Roger Protz and showed him around the brewery, which was great! Roger had spent the day with our director and marketing manager having a few pints and a great lunch at the Cricket Inn in Totley, Sheffield before heading out to see our new site and meeting up with the boys in the existing brewery.

Stefano has been down at the new site for most of the week. In fact, I even saw his first attempt at welding… pretty good for a beginner, though I think we’ll leave it to the engineers for the time being (actually, it was a million times better than when I first tried welding when I was back at Tui Brewery in New Zealand!).

As you’ll be able to see in the video below, the dramatic changes over the last two clips are beginning to slow and we’re really getting into the nuts and bolts side of things. The cask preparation area, reception, control room, production offices and laboratory are all being built and we’ve even designed a small plating room in the lab so as to do any microbiological work in a sealed, clean area.

We’re going to begin slow in the lab. Microbiological analysis, yeast counts, viability, pH, wort and beer gravity, turbidity, CO2 content and attenuation limits will be done to begin with and then we’ll branch out and look at other potential tests as time goes on. We’re also going to have a designated tasting area where we can do weekly evaluations on all of our products in a controlled environment ( though saying that, who said a pub wasn’t a controlled environment!!) and formalise this so we have more people tasting to give us a better indication on how the beers are going… sometimes us brewers are the worst critics of our own beer by a long shot!

Anyway, I know you’ve all been waiting to see how the brewery is progressing… hopefully the next video will show the finished product! Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “The Birth of a Brewery Part Three

  1. Hi there, can you please tell me which beers are being brewed at the new site ? Is there any difference in the water from the new place at all (ie is it or was it spring water)
    Thanks for any help you can give, your beers are always well received in Newcastle, keep it up lads!

    Phil Hodgson (Newcastle beer blog site)

    • We are brewing all of our core beers at the new site. At this stage, we have brewed 33 times at the new site and these brews have included Jaipur, Kipling, Lord Marples, Wild Swan, Halcyon, Brother Rabbit, Saint Petersburg and Pioneer (a new beer for the JWD Beer Festival). We have already won a half dozen awards with beer from the new brewery, including Golds in the Strong Ale and Bitter sections (as well as overall champion) at the Sheffield Beer Festival and the Gold for the Bitter section for Midlands SIBA (with Lord Marples) so are really stoked!

      Regarding the water, it is exactly the same water that we used at the Hall brewery, we use the local water supply. We use the same malt, hops, yeast and brewers as before 🙂

      Thanks for your support!

      Cheers and beers…

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