Epic Halcyon goes on a journey

As you’ve probably read in my earlier blog, Epic Halcyon at Thornbridge, along with Luke Nicholas, one of New Zealand’s top craft brewers, we brewed a full-on version of our Halcyon Imperial India Pale Ale when Luke was over here brewing his Epic Pale Ale for the JD Wetherspoons International Beer Festival.

Luke unfortunately had to head back to New Zealand before this beer was ready to go, so we are sending him a couple of mini-casks that he is going to use for a tasting. You can attend this event here.

Here we have Thornbridgers Matt Clark and James Kemp getting the goods ready for it’s Epic journey! Hope it arrives safe and sound!!

One thought on “Epic Halcyon goes on a journey

  1. Halcyon Epic, what can I say about this beer that is worthy enough?
    One of the 13 beers that started the midsummer fest at the Newcastle Arms, it isn’t a beer to have first if you want to try a few, but it certainly is a beer you can stick with. I’ve never had a beer that so easily defined where the bitter taste buds start and finish, When it sold out & was replaced with Pierrpoints Drop 7.5abv from Fernandes it made the drop taste powerless, no mean feat.
    A tremendous brew, I wish I’d ordered 2 or even 3!
    Well done to everyone involved.
    Neil Amos, The Newcastle Arms.

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